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The PALEO constraints on SEA-level rise (PALSEA) working group addresses the greatest uncertainty in projecting future sea-level rise, which lies in predicting melt contributions from Earth’s remaining ice sheets.

The observational period of climate variability spans, at best, only the last century, which hinders gaining a full understanding of ice sheet and sea level changes under different temperature and CO2 forcing, and to broaden this observational window, we can study geologic records that span thousands of years and provide valuable archives of how ice sheets and sea level have responded to past climate variability, particularly during periods of extended warmth. The information contained in the geological records therefore help assess the relationship between ice sheets, sea level and climate change, providing a firm basis for projecting future changes.

This year, the PALSEA 2022 Annual Meeting will be held in Singapore and brings observational scientists and icesheet, climate, and sea-level modelers together in order to better define observational constraints on past sea-level change and improve our understanding of ice-sheet responses to rapid climate change. We are extremely excited to announce our Keynote Speakers April S Dalton, Tamsin Edwards, Nicole Khan and Yusuke Yokoyama