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Field Trips (Booking Opens 20 May 2022)

Field trips by EOS (17 July 2022)

As organised for PALSEA 2022 Annual Meeting

Singapore may be a highly urbanised island state, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to reconstructing its sea-level history. Visit the unique coral microatoll field sites at St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island (part of Singapore’s Southern Islands), where geological data provide clues to past sea-level changes, or learn more about the charming wetlands of Pulau Ubin, where mangrove sediments offer a glimpse of local Holocene sea levels. For something more relaxing before the conference, you can also join us on a curated tour of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves, where we introduce you to the incredible native biodiversity that live in our mangrove habitats. Organised by the Earth Observatory of Singapore, this series of field trips will happen on 17 July at varying times and, as there are limited slots, it will be hosted on a first come, first served basis.

Participants are advised to bring along the following for each trip:

  • water bottle (at least 2L)
  • light clothes
  • rain gear
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • wide-brimmed hat/cap
  • insect repellent
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • for participants going to St John’s Lazarus Island: covered footwear you don’t mind walking into the ocean with (e.g. old tennis shoes)

Optional for all trips: a change of clothes, a small towel and cash in Singapore dollars

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is home to a protected mangrove environment and one of the last villages (kampongs) in Singapore. On the eastern side of the island lies ChekJawa, a rich wetland with 6 different ecosystems and 2 mangrove heritage trees, where potential sea-level indicators that can help determine Singapore’s Holocene sea-level records are being investigated, such as the use of well-preserved pollen in the mangrove sediments. Join us on a trip to this unique island and learn more about the work on paleo sea-level changes by the Earth Observatory of Singapore’s (EOS) Sea-Level Research team. The trip also includes a seafood lunch with local delicacies such as the well-known chili crab. We recommend arriving early at the ferry terminal area, where local breakfast is served, and joining us after the trip for some evening cocktails at nearby Changi Beach.

09:15AM Transfer from Summer View Hotel to Changi Point Ferry Terminal
10:00AM Meet at ferry terminal
10:30AM Bumboat to Pulau Ubin
11:00AM Head to coring site via van
11:30AM Introduction to coring site, Jalan Noordin
12:00PM Head back to van pick-up point
12:30PM Head to seafood restaurant
13:00PM Lunch
14:00PM Head to Chek Jawa via van
14:30PM Introduction to ChekJawa
15:00PM Free and easy around ChekJawa
16:30PM Head to Jetty
17:00PM Bumboat to mainland
17:30PM Changi Beach picnic with local cocktails
*not included in cost of field trip

Cost per person:
(including GST)

Transport to ferry terminal
Bumboat to island
Transport between Pulau Ubin field sites
Seafood lunch

Times: 10am to 5.30pm
Group Size: 20 persons

St. John’s Island & Lazarus Island

Coral microatolls are renowned for the precision with which they track relative sea level. These coral colonies grow near the base of the intertidal zone and are characterised by living outer perimeters with dead upper surfaces. The best microatolls have multiple concentric rings on their upper surfaces, each ring produced following a coral ‘diedown’ due to prolonged exposure at extreme low water. Differences in elevation of successive rings reflect changes in sea level as the coral grew. Field trip participants will visit fields of living and fossil microatolls that provide unique insights into Singapore relative sea level since the 20th century and in the mid-Holocene. Do come prepared for heavy rain and wet feet, but also bring a sun hat.

*Please note that we now have arrangements for return transportation from the two hotel partners of PALSEA2022. You may also opt to meet us directly at the Marina South Pier in the morning

05:00AM Transfer from Summer View Hotel to Marina South Pier
05:30AM Meet at Marina South Pier, coffee/tea & snacks available
06:00AM Chartered boat to St John's Island
06:30AM Arrival at island and walking to microatoll site
06:45AM Introduction to microatolls
07:00AM Self-exploration of coral microatolls & St. John’s site
07:30AM Scenic walk to Lazarus Island site
08:30AM Intro to Lazarus West and Lazarus Bay sites
09:00AM Self-exploration of Lazarus microatoll site
10:00AM Walk to Seringat Jetty/Lazarus beach
10:45AM Scenic meal at Seringat Jetty (wet weather) or by beach (dry weather)
11:45AM Walk to St. John's Island National Marine Laboratory (SJINML)
12:45PM Tour of St John's Island National Marine Laboratory
14:00PM Walk back to jetty
14:30PM Chartered boat back to mainland
15:00PM Transport back to Summer View Hotel

Cost per person:
(including GST)

Ferry to the island
Picnic Lunch
Transport to Joyden Hall

Times: 5.30am to 3pm
Group Size: 20 persons

Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve

Sungei Buloh opened as a Nature Park in 1993 and was officially gazetted as a Nature Reserve and renamed Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (SBWR) in 2002. In the same year, it was recognised as a site of international importance for migratory birds by Wetlands International, formally entering the East Asian Australasian Shorebird Site Network. In 2003, SBWR became Singapore's first ASEAN Heritage Park.

SBWR has the largest patch of mangroves on mainland Singapore and is home to almost half the mangrove plant species in the world. Fieldtrip participants will enjoy a light guided trek through this ecological jewel’s many trails and discover its native inhabitants such as mudskippers, crabs, shellfish, water snakes, birds, macaque monkeys, monitor lizards, otters and even saltwater crocodiles! The trek will be followed by a farm-to-fork lunch experience at a local café.

09:00AM Transport from Summer View Hotel to Sungei Buloh
10:00AM Guided nature walk
12:00PM Bus from Sungei Buloh to Garden Asia Bistro
13:00PM Lunch
14:30PM Transport back to Summer View Hotel

Cost per person:
(including GST)

Round trip to Sungei Buloh
Lunch at Garden Asia Bistro

Times: 9am to 2.30pm
Group Size: 20 persons

  • PALSEA2022 conference participants only are eligible to participate.
    Please complete your conference registration early.
  • Confirmation of participation is subjected to payment being received.
    You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of your payment.
  • There will be no refund for cancellation/withdrawal by registrants.
    But if due to lack of numbers, the field trip is cancelled, conference will refund the paid fee.
  • Please note that insurance is not included in the field trips and participants are responsible for their own insurance.
  • Participants on field trips/tours agree to indemnify the Earth Observatory of Singapore, the conference secretariat and the PALSEA2022 organizers against any claims as arising from injury or loss sustained during the outings.
Field Trips Per Person Fee*
Pulau Ubin SGD125 *CLOSED*
St. John’s Island & Lazarus Island SGD75 *CLOSED*
Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve SGD65 *CLOSED*
*Fees include Goods & Services Tax, currently at 7%